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Everything Start From Passion of Cycling
In 2010, we start working on our first project for bike accessories branded “GUEE”.  GUEE ( pronounced gooey ) is like the cheesy topping on a pizza; a versatile ingredient that completes the flavor. A small but vital part of the experience. Good bike accessories complement your cycling style.
2010 Start project
2011 First product “Tadpole” into market
2014 COB-X is winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards by IF!
2014 Launch auto sensor Light SOL300+
2015 Release silicone Bartape & Grips range.  
2015 Launch the world 1st  3 in 1 integrated mount system – G-mount
2016 INOX mini-R & Aero-X winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards by IF!
Every product with every idea we deliver convenience benefit for our customers. Our small crew has combined several decades of international work experience in mechanical & electronic engine... [more]